N.B: Important information about these products

1. All of our Electrical equipment is Pat tested.
2. All of our Electrical equipment is hygienically wrapped.
3. Under no circumstances should gas or electrical equipment be tampered with, contact Table Manners immediately if you have any queries.
4. When hiring the induction hob please note that only specialist induction pans can be used.
5. Gas included (for 8 hours average use.) Extra bottles can be ordered.

Turbo Oven – on Stand

H57cm x W70cm x L80cm
Turbo oven can accommodate full size gastronorm trays
(order separately) 3kw / 13amp

Turbo Fan Oven

H58cm x W79.6cm x L60cm
(with or without stand)
3kw / 13amp

Digital Turbo On Stand

W81cm x D61.6cm x H62.5cm
plus stand
Packed Weight: 68.2kg
13 amp

Hot Plate with lamps

lamps 1.5kw / 13amp
hot plate 2kw /13amp

Hot Cupboard

on Wheels
H90cm x W116cm x L65cm
2kw / 13amp

Digital Hot Cupboard

H90cm x W112.5cm x D67cm
13 amp

Holding Cupboard Upright

W114cm x D78cm x H190cm
13 amp

Microwave Oven

on Wheels
H132cm x W65cm x L55cm
1.4kw / 13amp

Double Fryer (7.5 Litres)

H42cm x W60.5cm x L61cm
3kw / 13amp

Single Fryer (4.6 Litres)

H31.5cm x W28cm x L40cm
3kw / 13amp

Double Ring Boiler 

H27.5cm x L30cm x D59.5cm

Small Convection Oven

H42cm x W58.5cm x L52cm
(Baking Tray not included)
2.5kw / 13amp


51cm x 39cm

Water Boiler

6 gallon / 27L
H52cm x D36cm
3kw / 13amp

Coffee Percolator

3.2 gallons / 15L
2kw / 13amp

Soup/Mulled Wine Kettle

2.1 gallons / 10L
H41.5cm x W33.5cm x L33.5cm
0.5kw / 13amp 

6 Slice Toaster

H22cm x W42.5cm x L21.5cm
2.5kw / 13amp

Induction Hob

H11.5cm x W35cm x L65.4cm
(To enable the hob to work suitable pans must be used)
3kw / 13amp

Under Counter Fridge

H86cm x W47cm x L49cm
0.5w / 13amp

Glass Fronted Fridge

on Wheels
H185cm x W62cm x D62cm
250w / 13amp

Chest Freezer

on Wheels
H88.5cm x W112cm x D67.5cm
1kw / 13amp