N.B: Important information about these products

1. All of our Electrical equipment is Pat tested.
2. All of our Electrical equipment is hygienically wrapped.
3. Under no circumstances should gas or electrical equipment be tampered with, contact Table Manners immediately if you have any queries.
4. When hiring the induction hob please note that only specialist induction pans can be used.
5. Gas included (for 8 hours average use.) Extra bottles can be ordered.

6 Ring Burner Range –

on Wheels
H104cm x W103.5cm x D83cm
19kg Propane Gas

6′ BBQ Gas

H79cm x W68cm x L170.5cm
13kg Propane Gas


13kg Propane Gas

Patio Heater

H225cm x W53cm –
With Hood 68cm
Patio Gas

Paella Burner and Pan

13kg Propane Gas