Turbo Oven – on Stand

H57cm x W70cm x L80cm
Turbo oven can accommodate full size gastronorm trays
(order separately) 3kw / 13amp

6 Ring Burner Range –

on Wheels
H104cm x W103.5cm x D83cm
19kg Propane Gas

Portable Hand Sink

H70cm x W32cm x D30.5cm
27.5″ x 12.5″ x 12″

Turbo Fan Oven

H58cm x W79.6cm x L60cm
(with or without stand)
3kw / 13amp

6′ BBQ Gas

H79cm x W68cm x L170.5cm
13kg Propane Gas

Charcoal BBQ

(charcoal & lighters not included)
H82cm x W113cm x L38.5cm
32.2″ x 44.4″ x 15.1″

Digital Turbo On Stand

W81cm x D61.6cm x H62.5cm
plus stand
Packed Weight: 68.2kg
13 amp


13kg Propane Gas

Roll Top Chaffing Dish

(inc 2 Tins Fuel)
H44.5cm x W67cm x L49cm
17.5″ x 26.3″ x 19.2″

Hot Plate with lamps

lamps 1.5kw / 13amp
hot plate 2kw /13amp

Black Mobile Bottle Skip

H63cm x W42cm x L101cm
24.8″ x 16.5″ x 39.7″
(60 bottles)

Hot Cupboard

on Wheels
H90cm x W116cm x L65cm
2kw / 13amp

Patio Heater

H225cm x W53cm –
With Hood 68cm
Patio Gas

Black Tough Tub

H33.5cm x W58.5cm
13.1″ x 23″
(20 bottles)

Digital Hot Cupboard

H90cm x W112.5cm x D67cm
13 amp

Black Dustbin

H67.5cm x W47.5cm
26.5″ x 18.7″

Holding Cupboard Upright

W114cm x D78cm x H190cm
13 amp

Rubber Non Slip Tray

35.5cm / 14″

Microwave Oven

on Wheels
H132cm x W65cm x L55cm
1.4kw / 13amp

Double Fryer (7.5 Litres)

H42cm x W60.5cm x L61cm
3kw / 13amp

Rubber Non Slip Tray Oval

67.3cm x 55.8cm
26.5″ x 22″

Rubber Non Slip Tray

40.6cm / 16″

Single Fryer (4.6 Litres)

H31.5cm x W28cm x L40cm
3kw / 13amp

Jackstack 80 Plates

on Wheels
H190cm x W65cm
10″ x 12″

Double Ring Boiler 

H27.5cm x L30cm x D59.5cm

Small Convection Oven

H42cm x W58.5cm x L52cm
(Baking Tray not included)
2.5kw / 13amp

Gastronome Insert (Full)

H6.5cm x W32.5cm x L53cm
2.5″ x 17.7″ x 20.8″


51cm x 39cm

Water Boiler

6 gallon / 27L
H52cm x D36cm
3kw / 13amp

Gastronome Insert (Half)

H7cm x W26.5cm x L32.5cm
2.7″ x 10.4″ x 12.7″

Coffee Percolator

3.2 gallons / 15L
2kw / 13amp

Soup/Mulled Wine Kettle

2.1 gallons / 10L
H41.5cm x W33.5cm x L33.5cm
0.5kw / 13amp 

6 Slice Toaster

H22cm x W42.5cm x L21.5cm
2.5kw / 13amp

Induction Hob

H11.5cm x W35cm x L65.4cm
(To enable the hob to work suitable pans must be used)
3kw / 13amp

Under Counter Fridge

H86cm x W47cm x L49cm
0.5w / 13amp

Glass Fronted Fridge

on Wheels
H185cm x W62cm x D62cm
250w / 13amp

Chest Freezer

on Wheels
H88.5cm x W112cm x D67.5cm
1kw / 13amp

Thermal Food Storage Box

on wheels
89 Litres

Paella Burner and Pan

13kg Propane Gas